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1538-1704 Womack The Womack Trail - from Virginia to Texas 1988 by Helen Ring Womack
1597-1777 Womack Womack Family History Worksheet on Microfilm 30 March 1992
1602-1790 Doggett Doggett Reverend Benjamin of Virginia Unknown
1610-1760 Michaux Individual Family Records of Michaux Family Unknown
1618-1834 Womack Abraham Womack Pedigree Chart Unknown
1619-1834 Womack Family Worksheet Lineage of Abraham Womack Unknown
1622-1733 Kirk Isaac Kirk Pedigree Chart Unknown
1663-1814 Kirk The Registers of North Farnham (1663-1814) and Lunenburg (1783-1800) Parish Richmond County Virginia 1966 George Harrison Sanford King
1665-1900 Kirk and Shearin North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900 Vol. II K-Z 1987 by Thornton W. Mitchell
1669-1769 Doggett Doggett Family 1669-1769 Unknown
1703 Kirk Family Worksheet Lineage of Isaac Kirk
1718-1828 Minter Individual Family Records of Minter Family Unknown
1722-1789 McClendon Individual Family Records of McClendon Family Unknown
1736-1771 Kirk Individual Family Records of Stephen Kirk Family Search IGI index author unknown
1736-1834 Womack Individual Family Records of Womack Family Unknown
1740-1822 Kirk and Shearin Early American Series Early North Carolina Vol 4 No Date Published
1743 Womack Descendants of Abraham Womack and Judith Minter
1744 Womack Family Worksheet Lineage Abraham Womack
1744-1834 Womack Information on Abraham Womack and Judith Minter Family History Center Microfiche: 6047651 Page 19 Last Volume 
1744-1861 Kirk Family Worksheet Lineage of Parham Kirk Unknown
1746-1800 Shearin History and Genealogies of Old Granville County, North Carolina 1746-1800 Thomas McAdory Owen
1755-1812 Kirk History of Documents of Stephen Kirk Lawrence County Library Tennessee Pages 79 and 80
1758-1777 Kirk Abstract of Wills Chester County Pennsylvania Vol. II 1758-1777 1900 Jacob Martin and Gilbert Cope microfilm 28 Oct 1991
1761-1841 Shearin Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Vol. 3 N-Z 1992 Abstracted by Virgil D. White
1764-1766 Kirk and Shearin Warren County, North Carolina Records Vol II: Abstracts of Deed Book A, 1764-1766 Deeds of Colonial Bute County, N.C. Mary Hinton Kerr
1764-1868 Kirk, Gardner, and Shearin Marriages of Bute and Warren Counties North Carolina 1764-1868 No Date Published
1771-1971 Minter-Morgan-Womack Chatham County 1771-1971 Wade Hampton Hadley, Doris Goerch Horton and Nell Craig Strowd microfilm 4 Jan 1994
1773-1809 Kirk Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. 1 1969 by William Wade Hinshaw and Thomas Worth Marshall
1776 Kirk Index to the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina covering Vol. I-XXV:  Volume II F-L (Vol. 28) 1910 Stephen B. Weeks
1777-1814 Sherrin Caswell County North Carolina Will Books 1777-1814 1979 Katharine Kerr Kendall and Mary Frances Kerr Donaldson
1777-1817 Kirk and Womack Caswell County North Carolina Deed Books L & O 1777-1817 Abstracts by Katharine Kerr Kendall
1778-1795 Kirk and McClendon Abstracts of Land Entries Montgomery County North Carolina 1778-1795 Abstracts of Land Entries by Dr. A.B. Pruitt Microfiche: 975.674R2P ISBN# O-944992-17-X copyright 1988
1778-1868 Kirk Caswell County North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1778-1868 1981 Katharine Kerr Kendall and Mary Frances Kerr Donaldson
1780-1805 Shearin Records of Estates Warren County North Carolina Vol. 1 1994 July 6, (microfilm) David B. Gammon
1784-1793 Kirk and McClendon Records of Washington County, Georgia 1985 Marie De Lamar and Elizabeth Rothstein
1785 Kirk Laws of North Carolina 1785 North Carolina Colonial and State Records 1785 Vol. 24 Pages 762-763 film 0874174
1786 Kirk and Womack Greene County Georgia Deed Book C Records 1786 Georgia County Deed Records Book C 1786
1790 Feb 8 Kirk Land Deed between Joseph Kirk and John and Elizabeth Walsh Chatham County North Carolina PBD pg. 623 film 0259407
1790-1793 Kirk and Womack Georgia Free Citizens Memorial Pledge MS 1170 Box 10A Folder 43
1790 Kirk and Shearin Census North Carolina 1790 1908 by S.N.D. North, Director
1791-1887 Kirk Stephen Kirk Family Bible Records Stanley County North Carolina Stanley County Genealogical Journal Volume II Winter 1982-1983
1794 Kirk and Womack Hancock County Georgia Tax Digest 1794 The Georgia Genealogist Pages 4 and 14
1799-1821 Womack and McClendon Georgia Intestate Records Georgia Intestate Records by Jeanette Holland Austin Genealogical Publishing CO. Baltimore 1986; Microfiche: 2/15/91 Item 2 Project and Roll#: XLIB7-102 / 1936 CS Call #1532807
1800 Kirk and Sherrin Census North Carolina 1800 Editor Ronald Vern Jackson
1800 Kirk Census South Carolina 1800 1973 G. Ronald Teeples, Ronald Vern Jackson, Richard Moore
1810 Kirk Census South Carolina 1810 2000 by Heritage Quest
1820 Kirk Census South Carolina 1820 G. Ronald Teeples and Ronald Vern Jackson
1850 Kirk Census Arkansas 1850 1995 by Bobbie Jones McLane and Desmond Walls Allen
1861-1865 Waul's Legion Texas in the War 1861-1865 compiled by Marcus J. Wright, Brig Gen C.S.A. 1985 Dec 13 Harold B. Simpson, Col. U.S.A.F.(ret.)
1994 Kirk "He Would Rather Be Flying" The Looking Glass - Trains, Planes and Automobiles
Georgia Georgia Georgia Headrights and Bounty Grants
Georgia Georgia Georgia Militia