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The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for discussing the genealogy of the Braswell family in  America. It is primarily focused on, but not limited to, the descendants of Rev. ROBERT BRACEWELL (1611-1668) of Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  Please confine your messages to that topic. Do not submit attachments,  virus alerts, Chain letters, copyrighted materials (including private letters without the author's permission), advertisements of any kind, or anything else not directly  related to Braswell research. Archives messages cannot be edited. Be sure yours adds something useful to Braswell  research. 


Send  your messages in plain text only (no HTML or RTF) to Use a specific descriptive Subject line such as "Query: RICHARD BRASWELL d. 26 Aug 1869 Crawford Co., Missouri", not something vague like "Inquiry about my Family". Whenever possible, use Henry numbers to distinguish among Braswells with the same given name who lived near each other.   Henry numbers can be obtained from Foy Braswell at

Although Rootsweb will allow messages up to 10 Kilobytes long--about 150-200 lines-- enough space to explain your subject fully, please strive to  keep your postings brief and to the point. Likewise never attach signature files (those cute lists of surnames that some people like to append to the bottom of their messages): Rootsweb will bounce (return) your message because their current search software can't handle signature files. Leave them off!

Except for queries, information about Braswells born since the Civil War should not usually be shared with the list.  Such epistles should be considered as personal messages to be addressed only to interested cousins. Remember that there were already some 500 Braswells living in the South by 1800, up to 3,000 by the time of the Civil War. Post only writings that will interest at least a large number of your fellow subscribers.

If your Braswell ancestor's name is spelled differently, not to worry if it begins with BRAC-, BRAS-, or BRAZ- and appears to have rhymed with "dazzle". If on the other hand the name seems to have been pronounced something like "brazeel",  your ancestor may have been a BREAZEALE--a separate family commonly mistaken for ours.  Check with the  Rootsweb BREAZEALE website or write Mr. Bob Breazeale at



This is a friendly group of researchers. Let's keep it that way.  DO NOT FLAME ANYONE ON THE LIST! ("flaming",for you newcomers, means any personal attack that is insulting, argumentative, or highly critical without  any redeeming constructive counter-argument.  Violators will be warned once. Repeat offenders will be removed from the list.

IF YOU ARE FLAMED, DO NOT RESPOND VIA THE LIST. Make full use of your Delete key: If you don't like a particular message, delete it.  Don't send a cutting or snide remark back to the list.  The rest of us don't want to read it, and it could get you removed from the subscribers' list. If you feel there is a serious problem caused by someone, send me a message at If I am unavailable immediately, send it to backup list administrator, Nona Williams at  Remember: if you have a personal message for somebody, send it to them, not the list.

This list will not usually be moderated. We are all adults here.  Any message sent to it is automatically sent to everyone on the list.  While I encourage free discussion, as list owner, I reserve the right to step in should a flame war erupt, or if some topic becomes tedious for most other subscribers, or if anyone strays repeatedly from the subject of Braswell genealogy, uses profanity, or otherwise violates the rules of polite conversation. 


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