Subj: Richard D. Sessions
Date: 11/2/2001 12:07:22 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Linda Petersen)

I am related to Richard D. Sessions through his son John Andrew Sessions & his wife Antee Bradon ( their daughter, Delphine Sessions was my grandmother).
I am very interested in your research in finding probable connection to family in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.  I had information of him living in the Marion District, but no county of South Carolina.  Do you have information on who his parents were and did Richard's mother come to Pike County with him and is she the Mrs. Sessions who lived to be 100 years who died in Brundidge, Pike County, AL ? (I will need to find the article about her in my notes-a researcher John P. Johnston sent me a copy of the obit a few years back)
I have the certified copy of Richard's first marriage to Sarah Mims on 5 Dec 1833 in Escambia County, Florida. (I live an hour away and went to Pensacola & obtained the certified copy of the original (on microfilm) of the marriage license).  Daughter Susanna is from this marriage.  I have not located Sarah Mims death date or burial, but I believe it to be in the town of Milton area in what is now Santa Rosa County, FL.  There are a lot of Mims in that area and since Richard was a merchant and Milton is on the river and was a port, it seems logical to be there.  I plan to go up there and check it out, hopefully soon.  After the death of his first wife Sarah Mims, Richard returned to Pike County with his daughter.  It is possible that Sarah Mims died and is buried in Pike County, but I have not found anything there.  I believe that Richard and Sarah Whittington were married about 1835, but have not found any record.  I had planned to make another trip to Troy, AL to check out the courthouse (have already checked out the libraries in Troy and Brundidge) also would like to find his mother's will if she did indeed come to Alabama.
Any light you might shed on this family would be most welcome.  My son is living in North Carolina so I could go & check out Williamsburg County records next spring if that is a strong lead.
Would like to exchange information
a distant cousin,
Linda Goodson Petersen,


Subj: Richard D. Sessions
Date: 11/6/2001 11:26 PM Central Standard Time
To: (Linda Petersen)


   I must apologize for not writing sooner.  My wife and I just moved into a new home and have been spending the last two weeks packing / unpacking.  I don't have access to all of my files because they are buried in a pile of boxes in my new garage, but I would like to keep in touch and hopefully share information with you in the future.

I don't know much about the Sessions, however I saw a picture of "Judge" Richard D. Sessions in the Little River County Courthouse in Ashdown, Arkansas.  I recently visited some relatives in Arkansas and stopped by the "Campground" Cemetery located near Crossroads Arkansas.  There I found a "Sessions" grave.  I will try to include it in this e-mail.


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Subj: Re: Richard D. Sessions
Date: 11/7/2001 12:01:43 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Linda Petersen)

Congratulations on your new home!  We moved here 10 years ago and still have boxes unpacked in the attic that were in storage while we were overseas-mostly kids toys that they outgrew.  It usually took us a couple of years to unpack then it was time to pack up again...but those days are over now and hopefully no more moves.
A couple of years ago, my husband and I were in Ashdown and when my husband saw the picture of "Judge Robert T. Sessions"(sorry, but it was richard's son robert who was the judge) he wanted to know why a picture of my father was there.  The judge was my dad's uncle.  We also went to Campground Cemetery and found lots of gravestones for my family.
I would love to exchange information with you, so when you are ready or need a break from unpacking just let me know.
Linda Petersen
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