Subj: Kirk-Womack
Date: 2/20/2002 6:57:32 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Ron Crockett)

Hi Scott,

I am a descendent of Abraham Womack, the father of Anna Womack Kirk.  I
posted some information on Abraham on on your files.

I appreciate your research and documentation. Abraham married his second
wife Lucy Moodey in Jones Co., Georgia on May 9, 1825.

His first wife was Judith Minter of Catham Co., North Carolina.  I am
descended from his son William Womack.

Ron Crockett
Houston, Texas


Subj: Kirk-Womack
Date: 2/26/2002 10:04::32 PM Central Standard Time
To: (Ron Crockett)

Dear Ron,

Thank you so very much for contacting me.  I apologize for not responding sooner, but my wife and I were out of town visiting friends in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina.

I am a pilot for Southwest Airlines based in Houston, but we live in San Antonio.  I would be very interested in meeting you and possibly exchanging some information.  My genealogy research has taken a rather frustrating turn because many courthouse records were burned and I am having trouble making connections between my known ancestor Stephen (wife Anna Womack/Wommack) in Jones County Georgia, and a possible Stephen in North Carolina.  My cousin, Stephen Kirk, who lives in Missouri is concentrating on the relationships with the Wommack family as an attempt to get clues that could lead us to a connection.

I have hired a private researcher named Lola Sorensen who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you don't mind, I would like to forward this information and your e-mail address to her and my cousin (Stephen Kirk) who lives in Missouri.  I think they would be very interested in contacting you.

In the meantime, please check out my web page and tell me what you think.  I've just started it so don't be discouraged by the lack of content.

Please keep in touch and maybe I can meet you for lunch in Houston some time.  My treat, of course.


Scott A. Kirk
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Subj: RE: Kirk-Womack
Date: 2/27/2002 3:47:06 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Ron Crockett)

Dear Scott,
Your webpage looks like a lot of work.  Are you doing it by hand rather than with a program?  I have about 12000 people in my family tree now and would not even try to do a custom web page.  Probably only about 1500 are ancestors, but I have carried a lot of information on joining families.  I keep thinking about a web page, but my tree just kept growing and growing. For the last couple of years I have been primarily doing family research  on ancestors in  Wales and England. I am now going back and cleaning up and documenting by notes and sources on my American side now.   Most of these  in Europe are on lines off of my Crockett side of the family. Some of the family lines were Welsh  and English and many pedigrees are documented back 30-40 generations and some back to nearly the time of Christ.
Is you cousin in Missouri the one that posted this message on genforum in answer to one of my postings?

I am a descendant of Stephen Kirk who died in Jones Co. GA in 1820. At this point in my research I am operating on the theory that this Stephen Kirk was the son of Joseph Kirkof Chatham County, NC. Records show that Joseph Kirk and Abraham Wommack, father of Anne Kirk, lived in the Cape Fear area in the l760s and l770s; Judith Wommack's family,
John and Elizabeth Minter also lived nearby.  Judith was a granddaughter of Abraham Michaus, a Huguenot. Stephen Kirk's son Levi married Mary Elizabeth Doggett. descendant of Benjamin Doggett, 17th century Virginia clergyman. I have followed your research through GenForum and congratulate you upon it. I am trying to locate more substantial infor than I have about Stephen Kirk prior to 1820, his parentage, ancestry, etc. If you re interested in what happened to his descandants I would be glad to share my information with you and other GenForum viewers. Steve Kirk, POBox 437, Raymore, Mo. 64083
It sounds like this is a good possibility.  I am finding that there are pretty good records in Jones and Hancock Co. and I found quite a few from Catham Co., NC.  I think records in Orange Co., NC are worse.
Much of my information came from Hamiton Ziegler. His wife is descended from Abraham's son William as I am.
I would be glad for you to forward any of my information to others and I would be glad to help in any way.  What family tree software are you using?  I am gathering documentation to possible file for the Sons of the American Revolution.  We do not have children, but I have several nieces and a sister that might also use the information  to join the DAR.  I am also having some trouble with a burned court house in Mississippi.
I would be glad to meet you for lunch someday.
I would recommend the following site  for a good start on the Womack side.  I floundered around for a while because of a mistake in the family heritage book of Choctaw Co., MS on an article about Mark Sanders Womack that connected his to the wrong family.  He was a nephew of Stephen and Anna.  There are  a lot of mistakes in trees on the net and you have to be careful with the information.  I do not know if you use the Clayton Library here in Houston, but it is very good. 
Keep in touch.  I can give you a lot of information on Abraham and lines back to Virginia.
Ron Crockett