During a visit to Cobh, Ireland in the summer of 1994, LT Scott A. Kirk was fascinated by the immigration story as presented in the The Cobh Heritage Center.  During the visit, an announcement was made concerning those individuals who had roots to native Ireland.   It was stated that a stone placement would be engraved and placed in this museum to bear the proven name of the Irish Immigrant who first came to America.

On September 9th, 1994 Scott was introduced to Lola Sorensen, a professional genealogist living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Inspired by the premise of adding the Kirk name to the wall of immigration in Cobh, Ireland a systematic effort was made by LT Kirk around March 31st, 1995 to trace the "Southern Wind" Kirk lineage through the efforts of this  professional genealogist.

To maintain a continuous, unbroken search, Scott pledged $50.00 per month towards the effort, which has paid off with the identification of numerous links to the Kirk lineage.   The amount of information is so overwhelming that an effort was recently made to consolidate the data into an electronic database named  "Personal Ancestral File (PAF) version 3.0" which was recommended by Lola Sorensen.

PAF Data file updates are available in the gift shop as well as each detailed report so that interested family members may follow along in the research and participate in the findings.  As a reminder, all proceeds are non-profit and will be contributed towards the preservation of Kirk family artifacts and funding for continued research.

We welcome anyone to view this information and participate in tracing the clues to build the puzzle of our mysterious past.  If you have any information or would like to contribute any articles, data, facts, etc. then please forward them to the address below.

Thank you for your interest.

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