The following are a list of photographs available for your viewing pleasure.

The 3 Compact Discs (Kodak Photo Gallery Collection) are a complilation of 218 photographs that we found in a suitcase belonging to Lucile Salmoa (Brazil) Kirk. Unfortunately she did not label any of them.

There are still many photos with individuals who have yet to be identified.  If you know any of them, please email us at with the

1. PCD Disc Number and the
2. Photograph Number
3. along with a detailed description.

You might find these blank forms helpful.

Blank PCD 1764 Form
Blank PCD 1765 Form
Blank PCD 1766 Form

Blank PCD 176X Form Master
PCD Photo Labels

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PCD 1764 - Kodak Photo CD Gallery Pictures
PCD 1765 - Kodak Photo CD Gallery Pictures
PCD 1766 - Kodak Photo CD Gallery Pictures

Lucy Kirk TN.gif (4833 bytes)  Lucy Loma Kirk, daughter Geraldine Virginia Kirk, newborn son Francis Edward Kirk

  Rufus and Lucy Courting Sprite.gif (184927 bytes) Rufus Kirk and Lucy Brazil courting in Cerro Gordo, Arkansas.

Kirk Clan TN.gif (23450 bytes) The Kirk, Marsh and Lamb Family Clans in Lockesburg, Arkansas.

S.S. Kirk Store in De Queen The S.S. Kirk Store in DeQueen, Arkansas.