Documents and Resource Page

Kirk Family Documents A Collection of documents directly related to Kirk Lineage
Kirk Family Chronology A Chronology of known facts related to Kirk Lineage
Research Documents A Collection of documents being used for continued research
Research Chronology A Chronology of research documents containing unproven but possible links
Sorensen Reports A Collection of detailed genealogical reports from Lola Sorensen, SLC Utah
Max's Opus A Detailed Report of some of the most extensive research on the Kirk Family by Max Kirk
Conquest of Canada (Kirk Brothers) A Google reproduction of this non-copyright book available for researchers
Maps A collection of maps useful for research
Reference Books A list of reference books and guides useful for research
Georgia Newspapers A collection of Georgia Newspaper Abstracts and Actual Copies of the Articles
Related Family Histories A collection of Family History Information related to the Kirk's
Early Kirk History Sketch A Microsoft Power Point Presentation